Aquaculture Research and Training Facility

Coordinator: Ada Martín Santana.


This experimental marine facility (990 m2) is equipped mechanical filtration (5 µ) and sterilization (UV) sea water system. The facility offers:

  • Marine fish rearing area: 3 tanks 2000 L, 43 tanks 1000 L and 73 tanks of 500 L.
  • Cephalopods rearing area: 6 compartmentalized tanks of 2000 L for nutritional studies on cephalopods
  • Abalone rearing area: tanks for broodstock maintenance, area of induction to spawning, larval rearing tanks, breeding tanks for post-larvae. Live foods (microalgae and macroalgae) are produced in-situ, in tanks designed for the production of  benthic diatoms and biofiltration units suitable for the production of macroalgae.
  • 3 individual rooms of larval breeding, each equipped with a system of independent mechanical filtration (1 µ), additional sterilization by UV, photoperiod and feeders, automatic control systems.
    • Room A: 6 tanks 2000 L.
    • Room B: 45 tanks of 200 L.
    • Room C: 40 tanks of 200 L.

Marine fish rearing tanks


Sacrificing of common octopus at the end of the rearing period


Abalane broodstock


Macroalgae produced in biofilters


Larval rearing tanks