Semi-intensive Experimental Production Plant

Coordinator:  Javier Roo. The semi-extensive production plant is equipped mechanical filtration (5 µ) and sterilization (UV) sea water system. The facility offers:

  • Rotifer production hall: 10 troncoconic tanks of 1700 L, each with automatic feeder and oxygen supply system.
  • Artemia production hall: 2 troncoconic tanks of 1700 L with temperature control, 10 tanks of 125 L for Artemia/Rotifer enrichment or small-scale production and 4 tanks for live prey enrichment of 500 L.
  • Phytoplankton production room: with 24 hours of light, several species of microalgae phytoplankton are produced in bags (from 2 to 460 L).
  • Larval rearing tanks:
    • 2 tanks 40 m3 (Mesocosms, normally used for the production of new species).
    • 6 tanks of 2 m3.
  • Weaning hall: 8 rectangular tanks of 10 m3, equipped with oxygen supply system.

Rotifer production tanks


Production of microalgae in bags


Weaning tanks


Alevins of Seriola dumerilii