Aquarium Laboratory

Coordinator: Fran Otero. The facility presents several racks of aquariums. Each rack life support system is integrated (biological, mechanical and UV filter) and includes automatic temperature regulation. The laboratory presents:

  • 3 racks of type I glass aquariums, each consisting of 16 units of 30 L glass and 2 units of 90 L
  • 2 racks of type II glass aquariums, each formed by 12 of 35 L and 16 L 6 units
  • 2 racks of aquariums of glass type III each consisting of 6 units of 50 L, 75 L 6 units and 5 units of 114 L
  • 1 tank fiberglass 1500 L for acclimatization of species or intensive cultivation of corals, equipped with a mechanical, biological and UV filtration system.

The species cultivated are:

  • 2 species of sea horse (Hippocampus hippocampus e H. reidi)
  • Clown fish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
  • Dwarf reef lobster (Enoplometopus antillensis)
  • Corals (Zoanthus sp, Palythoa sp, Palythoa canariensis)





Sea horse



Clown fish


Dwarf reef lobster